Solidarity campaign

The 2021 Together… healing homelessness! Gala is a heartfelt effort to restore relational health to women survivors of severe trauma.
For a second year, this relational health gala is going online as a campaign in solidarity with women living in a state of homelessness, and will provide our corporate partners with many opportunities for visibility.
Together, let’s take action to heal homelessness!

Achieved : 59 900,00 $
Objective : 200 000 $

The pandemic has affected our lives, our society, in ways we could never have imagined. Women living in a state of homelessness and those at risk of becoming homeless have suffered this crisis in isolation, in total insecurity. They have lost their bearings as well as the social safety nets that provided them with some stability.

The crisis has highlighted the courage of La rue des Femmes beneficiaries, the caring and dedication of our workers and the solidarity of the community. It has also made us recognize that relational health is not only at the heart of homelessness, but at the heart of our lives. And that it is vital.



A donation to the 2021 Together… healing homelessness! Gala campaign is a social investment that directly funds care, services and accommodation for women living in a state of homelessness.


The 2021 Together…healing homelessness! Gala campaign offers many opportunities to show your social engagement and to give your generosity the visibility it deserves.

Employee participation

Rally your employees (virtually!) around a fun and engaging activity, while having a positive impact on the healing of women living in a state of homelessness.

For more informations, contact Miriem Mkinsi, Advisor, Philanthropic Development :

La rue des Femmes

Since 1994, La rue des Femmes has been welcoming and caring at its three Montréal houses for women who are living in a state of homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless. In addition to accommodation and meal services, these women receive care that enables them to heal the serious relational wounds caused by the unspeakable violence they have suffered, often since childhood. Violence that continues in their lives today. The activities and services provided by specialized workers, as well as workshops on post-traumatic stress, psychotherapy and art therapy, help these women rebuild themselves and gain the autonomy they need for long-term reintegration into society.

The year in number

  • 1,091 women helped
  • 311 new faces
  • 20,405 overnight stays
  • 2,353 shelter stays
  • 356 women who used emergency beds
  • 33,475 daytime stays
  • 64,371 meals served
  • 127 women who received care, counselling and therapy 
  • 164 women who received support online
  • 138 women who returned to housing in 6 years 
  • 330 maintained in housing