Women sharing their stories

Every woman has her own story of severe personal trauma, whether it took place during her childhood or as an adult. And, with the support of La rue des Femmes, every woman is following her own path to healing and returning to a normal life. Here are their testimonials :

I was in a state of panic and didn’t know where to go. I kept hearing about La rue des Femmes and finally I called. The first person who picked up the phone was speaking only in French, I was crying and kept talking. The receptionist put me through Louise. Her voice was so warm. She told me: don’t worry, we won’t leave you outside… She was an angel to me! 

– Stella*

There is no racism here, no critcism and they treat all women equally. It is easy to survive and I appreciate very much all that has been done to help me and others like me.

– Betty*

Here, there is always someone to listen to me. When I’m sad, I’m allowed to cry. Sometimes, a worker takes me in her arms when I cry. The social workers at La rue des Femmes have patience …

– Louise*

La rue des Femmes is my psychological health: through art therapy workshops, which allowed me, among other things, to rediscover my creativity; visits to the museum, theater outings; by the choir; by the invaluable support of my social worker. I rebuild myself!

– Thérèse*

I’m so happy to have you in my life. You have opened my eyes to many points. Knowing that you believe in me and that some of you have been there, I tell myself that it is possible for me. I love you for everything you are and make me feel.

– Sarah*

I want to stay here at La rue des Femmes for several reasons. Among other things, you do not treat me as a common number, but as a human being who has the right to get out of it. You are the hope that I have left.

– Claire*