Planning your generosity

Ophélie Harbour, a notary with Allard & Harbour, has been a member of La rue des Femmes Foundation’s Planned Giving Committee for almost four years.

When I was approached to join the Planned Giving Committee as an advisor, I enthusiastically accepted. It was a great way for me to contribute to the organization’s humanitarian mission.

Ms. Harbour, a passionate notary, wants to raise awareness of the significant benefits of planned giving for those, like you, who want to make a real and lasting impact on healing women’s homelessness.
“A planned gift is a charitable donation that is part of tax, financial or estate planning,” she notes.

Planned gifts are becoming more and more popular because they maximize tax benefits not only for you, but for your estate.

“This type of gift can be made during your lifetime or at the time of your death and can take various forms: a gift in your will, a gift through life insurance, an annuity or charitable fund, and so on,” she says.

Ms. Harbour goes on to point out: “Contrary to popular belief, planned philanthropy is not just for the wealthy. Whatever the amount, your donation will have a tangible impact on La rue des Femmes and will cost you less than you expect.”

Good planning must, above all, take into account your personal and family situation; the tax implication is one of the last things to consider.

To avoid missteps, it is a good idea to consult a legal or tax advisor. Ms. Harbour concludes with these wise words: “Planned giving should be a carefully thought-out gift; it will allow you to combine efficiency with your generosity!”

Thinking of making a planned gift to La rue des Femmes? Write to Miriem Mkinsi, Advisor, Philanthropic Development, at to discuss it.