An intervention focused on relational health

We welcome more than 20 interns each year, from Québec and beyond, who come to join our team to develop their skills. They make a valuable contribution to our organization! If you have any questions or if you are interested in doing an internship with La rue des Femmes, please contact Éloïse Poirier O’leary, Internship Manager :

My internship at La rue des Femmes taught me a lot. I loved having this experience with you. You’re a great team.
“Time flew by. It wasn’t that long ago that I walked through the door for the first time into an organization that has totally changed my perspective.
Thank you for giving me a chance. You have no idea how much I LOVED it and how much I LEARNED: about myself, about others and about life in general!

Rose, MontréalFirst-year internship, social service work

What I’ve learned is huge. Managing my emotions, managing crises, creating a bond, identifying my limits, understanding them and setting them, learning about a difficult population, discovering another way of working in social work, discovering a new approach, and I would even say changing my professional identity. Because working in a way that is engaged, without hiding behind a desk, with empathy and respect for people, has changed the idea I had of social work…

‘It’s an ideal internship for newcomers like me because you discover another way of working. Then you get to work with very supportive teams that are fun to work with and talk to. And having support in your internship when you’re far from home is really helpful.

Élodie, BelgiumThird-year internship, social worker