Mother’s Day at La rue des Femmes is the ideal occasion to acknowledge all the mother figures one may meet during a lifetime.

🌷 There’s Marie, recreational activities leader, who organizes outings for the participants.
🌻 There’s Ann-Gaël, coordinator, who wraps her arms around a woman who has spent the night outside.
🌼 There’s Éloïse, responsible for the interns, who supervises her students with a friendly eye.
🌹 There’s Louise, Clinical Director, who meets with the workers to check on how they’re doing.
🏵️ There’s Myriam, receptionist, who greets all the women who knock at the door.  

Being a mother. Being like a mother. It means being there for the Other.
The Other, whether they need support with administrative tasks or care to recover from the traumas they suffered as a child.