In order for “Stay home” to mean something

La rue des Femmes is a Home for those who don’t have one!

Everyone is being told to stay home in this time of pandemic.

As an organization offering essential services to women in a state of homelessness, our priority is to ensure everyone’s health and safety. The unprecedented nature of coronavirus (COVID-19) is shaking up our lifestyles and our priorities; its consequences are staggeringly obvious, especially for those most vulnerable among us.

Also, in this time of crisis:

  • our three houses remain open;
  • we are ensuring  that essential basic care and services, shelter and meals are provided;
  • we are suspending our therapeutic activities, because we are making due with reduced working teams;
  • we are applying exceptional hygiene measures for women in a state of homelessness and for the dedicated workers and volunteers;
  • we are maintaining our communications with the CIUSSS and the Direction de la santé publique (Public Health Directorate) as for steps to take as the situation develops.

We intend to do everything possible to ensure that La rue des Femmes remains a Home for those who don’t have one.

Your support is essential!

In order for “Stay home” to mean something… for these women too!

In these difficult times, let’s not forget anyone! It is with your help and your solidarity that we will get through this ordeal with dignity!

We hope you spend the next few days calmly and as safely as possible!