Happy Mother’s Day!

Today is Mother’s Day, and at La rue des Femmes we celebrate all mothers: biological and adoptive, mothers-in-law and grandmothers, as well as all women who are mother figures – as some of our workers certainly are for the homeless women who visit La rue des Femmes.

Relational health: the strength of connections

Mother: hers is the first face we see. The first smile. And very often, the first word we say.
Mother: she gives us our first kiss. Our first hug.
Mother: two syllables that signify gentleness. Security. And love.
The bond with our mother is the first of all bonds.
An important bond. Defining.
This first relationship with our mother is the initial link in a long chain of human relationships. These links are part of our relational health: the more strongly interwoven they are, the better our relational health is.

Relational health is at the core of our overall health

The connections we make with the people around us are essential to our well-being.
It is these connections with significant others that ensure good relational health and good overall health.
At La rue des Femmes, our participants, deeply wounded and shattered by multiple traumas, receive the relational and specialized care they need to regain their relational health and thereby take back control of their lives.

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Léonie Couture
Founding President, La rue des Femmes