Desjardins and La rue des Femmes: working hand-in-hand since 2013 to heal women living in a state of homelessness since 2013

Through the Caisse du Complexe Desjardins, the Desjardins organization has been involved with La rue des Femmes and its foundation in several areas for close to 10 years. Among other things, the Caisse takes part in La rue des Femmes’ major fundraising campaigns or sponsors various projects, such as the Gala for Relational Health, as well as campaigns aimed at increasing the organization’s visibility, including the sign currently displayed at the corner of Boulevard René-Lévesque and Rue Berri.

“The Caisse du Complexe Desjardins has been involved with La rue des Femmes for several years, supporting women experiencing homelessness and working towards their social reintegration. It’s clear that there’s a growing need, since homelessness is a very visible problem in downtown Montréal.”

Nathalie Tremblay, Executive Director, Caisse du Complexe Desjardins, and Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors of the La rue des Femmes Foundation.

From left to right in the photo:
Cindy Magali Jourson, Communications Advisor and Alexanne Raiche, Assistant to the General Management

Creating a charitable fund enables donors to provide long-term support for causes that are important to them, since a percentage of the value of their fund is donated annually to the organizations* they choose. This makes it possible to support organizations in a tangible way so that they can continue to provide their services while respecting the donor’s values and priorities.

Desjardins embraces all of La rue des Femmes’ values: integrity, commitment and sharing,” explains Cindy Magali Jourson, Communications Advisor, Caisse du Complexe Desjardins.

This is why, in 2016, “when we created the Caisse du Complexe Desjardins Philanthropic Funds, the Caisse and its members chose to make the La rue des Femmes Foundation one of its beneficiaries,” Ms. Jourson says. Each year in June, a grant is made to the Foundation.

The Desjardins Philanthropic Funds were created in 2015. “By offering our member clients guidance in planning their donations and the opportunity to create a charitable fund, we provide them with a simple and affordable way to make a tangible and lasting difference for the organizations and the people they serve,” says Nancy Lee, Executive Director, Desjardins Foundation. “Fund creators usually want to support several organizations and causes that affect them, both during their lifetime and after their death, and a charitable fund makes it easy for them to do so.”

A charitable fund is therefore worthwhile for the creator, but what about the organizations that benefit from it? Ms. Lee reassures: “The major advantage for community organizations is stability, since they can count on recurring donations, year after year. Moreover, by incorporating donation planning into our member clients’ financial planning, we can maximize their potential: it’s a great balance between the heart and the head! So far, two funds have chosen to support La rue des Femmes and together, our fund creators currently support over 165 organizations.”

Miriem Mkinsi, Advisor, Philanthropic Development at La rue des Femmes Foundation, agrees: “A planned gift like the Caisse du Complexe Desjardins Fund means recurring and predictable funding for us. It’s a nice option for people who want to support a cause that’s important to them in a lasting way.”

A huge thank-you to Desjardins for all these years of partnership!
Together, we can heal homelessness!

To learn more about planned giving, contact Miriem Mkinsi at or 514 284-9665.

*Eligible organizations are those registered as qualified donees with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).