Treasurer… and much more!

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In the spring of 2018, the Association des Femmes en Finance du Québec (AFFQ) posted an advertisement that caught Gerarda Capece’s eye: La rue des Femmes needed a treasurer to sit on its Board of Directors. Ms. Capece, who was eager to get involved in a cause, made inquiries and soon met with the Board Chair at the time, Lorraine Pipon, to discuss the non-profit organization’s mission and vision.

My first reaction was ‘Wow!’ And when she told me about relational health, I fell off my chair!,” Ms. Capece says. “Even though my work experience is primarily in the health field, I had never heard of relational health. It was new to me. It resonated with me because it’s so true.

Since then, she has visited Olga House… in fact, she has done more than visit because, except for the pandemic years, Gerarda has participated in the Brunch des Reines, organized by the Board of La rue des Femmes every year since she joined.

“This year I was the dish washer! The brunch is an opportunity for us, the Board members, to meet the La rue des Femmes participants. We are the ones who do everything at the brunch: preparing and serving the food… and even washing the dishes! Seeing these women who have lost everything and talking to them puts things in perspective,” she tells us. She adds: “As Treasurer, I analyze the financial statements and attend Board meetings to report the results to the other directors. And, since I really care about the cause, I act as a kind of spokesperson for La rue des Femmes among my friends, colleagues and family. I talk about my involvement and people are interested; they ask me questions about the organization and women experiencing homelessness. I think it’s impossible not to be touched by this cause!”

It is thanks to people who volunteer their time, like Gerarda, that La rue des Femmes can continue, day after day, to welcome and care for our society’s most broken women. Thank you, Gerarda, for your unwavering support over the years!


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