International Women’s day : Every woman counts.

Léonie Couture
Open letters Relational health


On March 8, every woman counts… but every other day of the year too.

At La rue des Femmes, every single day we welcome and care for extremely vulnerable women, survivors of trauma, women with serious relational wounds who are struggling with homelessness.
We are taking advantage of this International Women’s Day to remember that every woman is important and that all of them, regardless of their situation, have the right to be cared for, to have a place to stay and to rest, and the right to safety, security and inclusion, in our great human family.
Today, let’s show our solidarity with these women who visit La rue des Femmes and who only want to be recognized for what they are: battered women who need relational care in order to heal and, at last, resume a normal life.


Léonie Couture C. M., C. Q.
President, Founder and Executive Director of La rue des Femmes


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