Appointment of Catherine Op De Beeck as director of La rue des Femmes Foundation!

Photo credit : Anne-Claire Vimal du Monteil

First as Advisor, then Director, of Philanthropic Development for La rue des Femmes, Ms. Op de Beeck has always valued the mission of the non-profit organization founded in 1994 by Léonie Couture. Her appointment as Foundation Director was the logical next step in her career.

“Catherine is sensitive and genuine, a leader with extraordinary listening skills and a keen understanding of the challenges we face as a relational health organization.”

Léonie Couture, C. M., C. Q., President, Founder and Executive Director, La rue des Femmes

As Foundation Director, Ms. Op de Beeck sees first-hand the successful results of the relational health approach: “I have the opportunity to see and hear from participants on a regular basis and each time I realize how strong the bond that is created with the workers is and how crucial it is to their healing process. My real ‘pay’ is knowing that my actions are tangibly helping the workers to welcome and care for women living in a state of homelessness!”