Alexandra Diaz, a proud supporter of La rue des Femmes

A few months ago, La rue des Femmes was pleased to learn that the talented and delightful TV personality, Alexandra Diaz, had chosen La rue des Femmes as her cause for the Reitmans “Diversity is the Fabric of Canada” campaign.

To learn more about this campaign, which celebrates cultural diversity (a theme that is important to LrdF), and about the link that has united Alexandra and LrdF for several years now (Alexandra was once a volunteer with us), we decided to interview Alexandra herself. Here’s what she had to say.

LrdF: How did you hear about La rue des Femmes?

AD: My mum told me about it. She always dedicated a lot of her time to organisations that help women. I remember her being actively involved throughout my primary and secondary school years. I often went with her to help, when things needed to get done and they needed extra hands. Since then, causes that support women have remained close to my heart. The journeys undertaken by the women in my family have been extraordinary, but not easy. This is the vision that defines me and in which I continue to evolve: Life is beautiful, but not simple. So let’s find ways to make it easier when we can.

LrdF: What is it about La rue des Femmes that moves you?

AD: Everything about the organisation moves me! Its founder, Léonie, is a woman of rare generosity and remarkable kindness. I think she is “life lesson” in and of herself! Plus, I was profoundly affected by seeing the women who went in and out of the [Maison Olga] centre. Anyone’s life can turn upside down. You can’t be certain of anything. We have all had difficult times in life, but some people carry an immense amount of suffering with them everywhere they go. I want to help.

LrdF: When you were selected as an ambassador for the Reitmans campaign, why did you choose La rue des Femmes as your cause?

AD: Reitmans’ approach is sincere, and I believe in it. I wanted the visibility and the impact of a big company like Reitmans to benefit La rue des Femmes. Every gesture counts.

LrdF : Were you directly involved in the design of your t-shirt and scarf?

AD: Yes, and I’m still pinching myself to believe I had that opportunity! I worked hand-in-hand with the creative team, and I got to approve everything, every step of the way. My design represents the weavings of Chile’s indigenous women, the Mapuche. I was born in Chile, and I ensure that my Chilean heritage is part of my kids’ upbringing. In the background of the design, there are mountains that represent the Andes as well as the Rockies This expresses the link between my adopted country and my country of birth, as well as the great outdoors, in which I run every day, to maintain a healthy balance in my mind and body.

LrdF: On a more personal note, what are your plans for 2021-2022?

AD: I am doing a thousand things at once! What I hope for, most of all, is to continue to have the opportunity to do many things that excite me. Having choices in life is precious. And, luckily, there are many, many things that excite the hyperactive and happy person that I am! I try to make sure that everything I do has a positive impact on those I love. I hope that this year brings lots of little joys to my life!

To purchase your t-shirt or scarf designed by Alexandra Diaz, go to your nearest Reitmans store or shop online. For every T-shirt and scarf sold, Reitmans will donate $2 to La rue des Femmes.

This summer, proudly support diversity and La rue des Femmes! Take a photo of yourself wearing Alexandra Diaz’s beautiful t-shirt or scarf and, like Isabelle, email it to us at:

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