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Léonie Couture, Founder
Léonie Couture, Founder

Mission and vision

La rue des Femmes, a non-profit organization founded by Léonie Couture in 1994, is a relational health centre that welcomes and cares for women who are in a state of homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless.


1-  A centre that provides shelter and care to over 1,000 women ever year;
2-  A research and training centre for relational health;
3-  A team that has pioneered an innovative and effective intervention approach for homeless women;
4-  A place of healing that offers health care and empowering therapies like art, choir, writing, theatre, yoga, and more.

Our participants share their stories

Every woman has her own story of severe personal trauma, whether it took place during her childhood or as an adult. And, with the support of La rue des Femmes, every woman is following her own path to healing and returning to a normal life.

Thanks to our partners!